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April 11, 2018 Farm and Film Gala

The 11th Annual Farm and Film Gala co-presented with Sooke Region Food CHI will feature vendors of farm and garden supplies, seeds, plants and locally grown/made produce and wares, info tables from regional non-profits concerned with sustaining our beautiful community, local teas and garden-inspired goodies from the EMCS culinary arts  students, gift baskets and the film “Evolution of Organic”.

Academy-award nominated filmmaker Mark Kitchell’s insightful 2017 documentary retraces, through lots of archival photos and videos, the first steps of the motley crew of rebellious back to the landers, spiritual seekers and sons and daughter of farmers who rejected chemical farming and set out to explore organic alternatives. Kitchell is known for documenting social change movements and in “Evolution” he takes filmgoers from the counter-culture 1960’s through the eventual consolidation of much of the organic food production into larger, continent-wide businesses and Alice Waters and the Foodie movement to exciting and important future innovations such as carbon farming.  This is an uplifting and entertaining film and it features a lively soundtrack of music from the mind-expanding 60’s such as The Grateful Dead, Country Joe and the Fish and Bruce Springsteen.

We will welcome the following vendors and info tables:  ALM Farms, Full Circle Seeds, Metchosin Farms, TransitionSooke/ZeroWaste Sooke/Planet Earth Party, Cast Iron Farm, Silver Cloud Farm, Seaweed Soil Additives, Herbal Tea Station, Sooke Food CHI/Sunriver Gardens, Sooke Pesticide Education Group, Sea Bluff Farm, Livin’ the Dream Farm, Habitat Acquisition Trust, EMCS Home Ec students

Doors will open at 6:30 for a chance to visit the vendors (don’t forget to bring some cash), have some tea and goodies and schmooze.  Film will start at 7:45.

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