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May 10th, 2017 Season Finale “Power To Change – The Energy Rebellion”


This 2016 film from Germany outlines a wealth of green-friendly innovations and the figures behind them.  Energy alternatives such as celitement, biogas, kite-powered ships and passive houses are all explored along with the more well-known solar, wind and electric cars.  The film shows the conflict over Germany’s energy revolution which began as a grassroots movement and is being advanced  through decentralized, regional players.  “Power to Change – The Energy Rebellion” has a clear message:  a complete turnaround in energy policy towards 100% renewables is possible and it can be achieved much faster than its opponents would have you believe.   Its aim is to put an end to the doomsday scenarios and the cynical discussion over the feasibility of switching to renewable energy.

Post screening discussion with Sooke’s Steve Unger and Clayton Fischer.  Both are members of the Viridian Energy Co-operative, a workers’ co-op that designs and installs renewable energy systems on Vancouver Island.  Steve is a professional electrical engineer and Clayton is a certified red-seal electrician.  Together and with other members of Viridian they have installed 62 kW of solar power in Sooke in the past 16 months.

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