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Season Premier “The Yes Men Are Revolting” October 7, 2015


For the last 20 years notorious activists The Yes Men have staged outrageous and hilarious hoaxes to draw international attention to corporate crimes against humanity and the environment.  Armed with nothing but thrift-store suits and a lack of shame these iconoclastic revolutionaries lie their way into business events and government functions to expose the dangers of letting greed run our world.  This is their third film (“The Yes Men” and “The Yes Men Fix the World” are both in the Awareness Film Night Library at A Sea of Bloom in Sooke).

“The Yes Men Are Revolting” was released to theatres this summer.  The Yes Men are both well into their 40’s and their mid-life crises and family responsibilities are threatening to drive them out of activism forever, even as they prepare to take on the biggest challenge yet:  climate change.  Included are a visit to the Canadian Tar Sands and their subsequent faux representation of an “Assistant Press Secretary” from the Canadian Office of the Minister of the Environment presenting a press release heralding “a new vision of international responsibility” by the Harper government.

More than the first two films “The Yes Men Are Revolting” reveals the real people behind the ruses.  Soul searching and weariness are explored, but at its heart lies a hopeful and inspirational message about fighting for change.

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