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Season Finale: “All the Time in the World” May 13, 2015


A family of five (mom, dad, kids 10, 8 and 4) leave their comfortable life in Dawson City to spend 9 months in a small log cabin with no running water, electricity, road access, internet or even clocks and watches.

Filmmaker Suzanne Crocker (the mom), who switched careers from rural family physician to filmmaker explains:  “This is not a survival in the wilderness documentary nor is it a documentary about living off the grid.  All the Time in the World is about opening possibilities in the fabric of our lives.”

What many of us have suspected is true:  if we remove ourselves from the constraints of time and our gadgets we give space for life to unfold with its inherent creativity and sense of wonder.  This film is a glimpse of what is possible when we re-unite with nature and the flow of life around us.

Definitely an all-ages film.  Teens especially encouraged.  “All the Time in the World” just won the “Best Picture” as chosen by a youth jury ages 13-19 at the Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth in Vancouver.

In fact, it has won “Audience Pick Best Documentary” awards in film festivals all over the world, including a recent one at an International Film Festival in Mexico.

This film will not be in the film library at A Sea of Bloom after the screening, since, being a first-run film, it must be returned to the filmmaker.

“All the Time in the World is near perfection.  The images cast a spell and so does the story.” – Ken Eisner, The Georgia Strait April 2015

“5/5 stars – timely and inspiring” – Michael Reid, Times Colonist

“May be my favourite out of literally hundreds of films across the years.” – Chuck Jaffe, The Union

“May be mine, too” – Jo Phillips, Awareness Film Night

In the last Awareness Film Night of the year, we watched a film by Suzanne Crocker, starring her very own family in an experimental unplugging-getaway from the Rat Race. The beautiful and touching film details the delights and slowness of something many of us who are removed from take for granted: living within the embrace of Nature. Their 9 month adventure and meditation on self-reliance and stillness, serves to calm the rapid fire information and technological blitzkrieg that faces all of us in the civilized world.

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