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RainForest: The Limit of Splendour -April 11, 2012


Filmmaker Richard Boyce embarks upon a notably heartfelt and thought-provoking journey contrasting the tree farms that dominate the landscape surrounding his home with the ancient rainforest on Vancouver Island.  “RainForest” recently won the Best Mountain Culture Film Award at the Whistler Film Festival 2011. The jury praised the film for “re-exposing our most critical environmental issue while at the same time pushing the cinematic experience and limits of storytelling, cinematography and editing.”

Inspired by the Kwakwaka’wakw chief Kwaxsistalla, this powerful and moving documentary provides us with an intimate glimpse into the First Nation’s traditional relationship with the forest, juxtaposed with Boyce’s very personal perspective on the decades-long fight to save Vancouver Island’s thousand year-old trees from clear-cutting practices. Boyce takes his camera high up into the forest canopy, providing us with a unique cinematic experience of the rich forest ecosystem.

After the hour-long screening there will be a discussion and question session with TJ Watt from the Ancient Forest Alliance. TJ is a local conservation photographer and avid big tree hunter from Metchosin.  Two years ago he and long time activist Ken Wu co-founded the Ancient Forest Alliance, an organization that works to protect BC endangered old growth forests and forestry jobs.  The group recently celebrated their first campaign victory with the protection of the spectacular Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew.

Proceeds from the film night will go to the Ancient Forest Alliance.

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