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The Money Fix – Nov. 18, 2009

The spending season is upon us and, appropriately, on November 18 Awareness Film Night will be presenting the film “The Money Fix”, a feature length documentary that explores our society’s relationship with money. While most of us take the money system as a given, it has silent and profound implications for everyone. Have you ever wondered what money actually is or where it comes from? The truth is that all money enters the economy as bank debt. This seemingly innocuous detail is actually at the core of many of the social and environmental problems of today. Featuring interviews with Noam Chomsky, Riane Eisler, Fritjof Capra, Bernard Lietaer, Richard Albert and more, “The Money Fix” examines economic patterning and how we can empower ourselves by redesigning the lifeblood of the economy at the community level. The film documents three types of alternative money systems that focus on local exchanges that we can well incorporate into our own holiday “shopping”. This easy to understand, no frills movie will transform the way you perceive money and the resulting economy. Money is created out of thin air, yet we have agreed to give it free reign to mold our fate. Showtime is  
7 p.m. at Edward Milne Community School theatre.  By donation.



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