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Salud! – Apr. 2, 2008

Awareness Film Night, Wednesday April 2nd, presents “Salud!”. This Victoria area premiere is an inspiring look at Cuba, cash-strapped, yet providing over 28,000 health care professionals to the poorest regions of 68 countries and home to the largest medical school in the world where 12,000 low-income students from 27 countries receive a free medical education. The film’s cameras reach into Gambia, rural South Africa, coastal villages of Honduras and river settlements in the Amazon, where a Cuban doctor is often the first doctor a poor community has ever seen. “Salud!”, which was theĀ featured film in the recent Vancouver Film Festival will not be in the Awareness Film Night library after the screening.

Awareness Film Night has the rare opportunity to also present John Waller, New York based coordinator of the Pastors For Peace Caravan to Cuba. He has visited Cuba 16 times since 1992 and has written extensively about Cuban healthcare in both campaigning pamphlets and professional medical journals. Also on hand will be Randy Caravaggio of the Victoria Goods for Cuba Campaign. John and Randy will answer questions after the screening about Cuban healthcare, the U.S. blockade and the 2008 Caravan that will send 5 buses full of aid to Cuba in June/July.

Join awareness Film Night for “Salud!” with John Waller and Randy Caravaggio at 7 p.m. at the Edward Milne Community School theatre. Admission is by donation with proceeds going to the Victoria Goods For Cuba Campaign



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