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Awareness Film Night is in hiatus as one would expect in these times of social distancing. But from time to time we will recommend interesting documentaries or other films that you might be able to access individually.

Films that have come to our attention as possibly being of interest to Awareness Film Night filmgoers will be posted on our facebook page.

The World Community Film Festival held in early February had a great roster of films.

Some of the films presented were: “First We Eat: Food Security North of 60” by the same family doctor turned filmmaker (Suzanne Crocker) and featuring the same family, albeit a tad older, as we met in the film “All the Time in the World”; the very poignant “The Magnitude of All Things” directed by Jennifer Abbott (co-director of “The Corporation”); “Women of Earth”; “Gather” and “How We Grow”. Check out the trailers on the festival site and then, since the festival is over, a bit of film sleuthing is required to find out where and how to view any that might pique your fancy.

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