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In just 22 short, thunderous minutes “Water Warriors” is the story of a New Brunswick community’s successful fight to protect their water from fracking.  A familiar scenario – a small determined group of First Nations and local activists go up against a large foreign corporation that has plans to tear up the ecosystem and pollute and use vast amounts of their water in order to develop a fracking site in their region.  It sure looks hopeless at times, and not much fun in the cold weather, but they persevere.

All over the world people are standing up and saying no more eco-destruction and no more corporate takeover of the commons (“land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community”).  Whether it’s stopping sand dredgers in Cambodia, standing up to mining companies who are polluting your village in South America, Help(ing) Our Wolves Live in Sooke or growing non-GMO, unsprayed food, organizing a reconciliation group, monitoring local species at risk or bringing solar cooking stoves to remote villages in Africa or India, the list of people making a difference is long.

THE FILM WILL BE FOLLOWED BY AN OPEN MIC……A call to community-builders and activists!

The Season Finale of Awareness Film Night will be your chance to share with us what you are working on to bring about a more just, beautiful, sane, connected world. 

It can be a big, time-monopolizing effort, or a small effort.  Come and talk about it…………we will have 1 and 1/2 hours to share.  Not a time for boasting, rather a time to rouse us so that we may go off into the summer inspired, knowing what is being protected and what innovations are being created and how many people are working behind the scenes to make a better world.

If you are interested in sharing a brief description of the actions you have been taking to promote justice, hope, preservation of the ecosystem, the creation of beauty and/or healing in our world, send off an email with a few details to:

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