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Farm and Film Gala “Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story” April 8th


Co-presented with Sooke Food CHI

In “Just Eat It:  A Food Waste Story” Vancouver Waste Whittlers Jen and Grant, whom we met in January’s screening of “The Clean Bin Project”, return with another no waste-producing/no money-spending vow:  to only consume food that is considered “waste” for 6 months.  Did you say “yuck”?  So did they when they first came up with the idea.  And, yes, they did do some dumpster-diving.  But you will be surprised at the caliber of food they lived on.  Their eye-opening and entertaining adventures are interspersed with enlightening information from experts on the topic of wasted food: dumped, saved, ridiculously defined, feared and re-used in creative ways.  This film brings together farmers, retailers, inspiring food waste-saving organizations and consumers to the table.

The evening will feature tables in the theatre foyer with local products, seeds and produce for sale as well as information on gardening, farming, managing food waste and food security initiatives in our region.  There will be tea and goodies made by the EMCS Culinary Arts class (by donation) and fabulous gift baskets filled with items from the vendors.

Post-screening speakers will speak briefly and then answer questions from the audience.  Frederique Philip, owner of Sooke Harbour House and Dave Patterson, produce manager at Western Foods will discuss how their respective businesses deal with food waste and Steve Unger, farmer and chairman of Zero Waste Sooke will talk about the economic and environmental impacts of waste leaving Sooke and the mandate of Zero Waste Sooke.


Doors open at 6:45; film is at 7:30; discussion until 9:30

Post-film discussion:

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