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Stand – November 12, 2014




This beautifully filmed documentary takes viewers on a journey through the untarnished scenery, pristine ecosystems and life rich in culture and history of the B.C. coastal areas that are under threat by the proposed Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines and the tankers that will be servicing them.  The film features expedition stand up paddler Norm Hann, who will be attending the screening, iconic West Coast surfer Raph Bruhwiler and a first nations high school class building their own SUPs as they journey through the waters of B.C. showing the landscape and wildlife that would be affected by an oil spill.

Post screening discussion and comments will be led by Celine Trojand of the Dogwood Initiative with assist from those supporting the Sooke municipal election plebiscite on “no expanded tanker traffic in B.C. coastal waters”.  Celine Trojand grew up in northeastern B.C.  Her family made a living in agriculture and horticulture.  She has a degree in Anthropology and began working for the Dogwood in 2009. Celine is unfalteringly devoted to building power in communities across her home province and is best when she’s having exciting conversations and meeting new people.

Everyone, whatever your stand on oil pipelines and tankers, is invited to attend and voice your opinion.

The evening will also feature some fantastic water sports and recreation prizes to be given away: 

Two 3 hour kayak rentals from Ocean River Sports, value $100.

A package of surf and SUP supplies from the new Sooke branch of HtO.

And more……


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