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Genetic Roulette – December 12, 2012

Post screening discussion with Thierry Vrain.

A recently released film by Jeffrey M. Smith, author of “Seeds Of Deception”, that exposes new evidence that genetically engineered (GE) foods are a major contributor to rising disease rates, especially among children.  Gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory diseases, allergies and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock and lab animals that eat genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

In exposing the bullying and deceit of the biotech industry, Jeffrey Smith’s mesmerizing film shines a bright light of hope that we can reclaim our health and our food systems.  Meticulously documented, thoroughly comprehensive and rivetingly presented.”  –   John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America.

This sometimes shocking film that includes shopping suggestions for a non-GE diet, may help you protect your family, change your diet and accelerate the consumer tipping point against GMO’s.

Thierry Vrain was born and raised in Paris, France.  He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology in France and his PhD in the U.S.  He has had a long career as a research scientist for the Canadian government in Quebec and B.C.  About 10 years ago, after 35 years of research and teaching soil biology and molecular biology – what he now calls “Chemical Agriculture”, he decided to retire young and reinvent life.  He and his partner, herbalist Chanchal Cabrera operate Innisfree Farm in Royston in the Comox Valley where they farm, and hold workshops and classes in organic farming, medicinal herbalism and Horticulture Therapy.  Thierry is a passionate speaker about organic gardening, from soil health to the devastating effects of GMO’s.  He has an in-depth understanding of global agricultural research, including genetic engineering, and can provide information and answer questions on aspects of this topic that moviegoers are not likely to find out about elsewhere.

As has been our tradition for the past few years, our December screening will offer moviegoers a chance to contribute to ICON, International Childrens’ Outreach Network.  This is the small organization that Sooke resident Hum (Eric Anderson) offers a month of his time for in Africa every January.  Their mandate is to seek out and transport children who require surgeries, mostly for birth defects and accidents, to clinics where they can be treated by doctors who also volunteer their services. These children and their families are otherwise unable to afford such basic life-saving and altering treatments that we, in Canada, take for granted.


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