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Money – Feb. 7, 2006

This month’s Awareness Video Night will feature Isaac Isitan’s film “Money”. Who creates it? Who controls it? Who profits? This movie begins in Turkey and Argentina where thousands of people took to the streets, attacking banks when their life savings evaporated overnight. Middle class people who once lined up at the bank were now lining up at food banks. How could these relatively wealthy countries possibly go bankrupt in less than a decade? A moving portrait of the citizens who lost everything, the macro economic policies demanded by the World Bank and the IMF and the ensuing economic and social crises these policies cause. 

Faced with a lack of money, the people have begun to reinvent it, initiating credit and barter systems and inventing local parallel economies.

“If the people really knew the process through which money is created, the system would not hold more than 24 hours.” – Henry Ford

Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. Edward Milne Community School theatre. By donation.


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